Our Story – Why I started this business


Hello to all you wonderful humans and welcome to Be Real Co. 

I am Anna Malthouse, founder and manager of Be Real Co. 

Before I started my journey with Be Real Co, I was lost and had no direction of where I wanted my life to go. Being only 21 at the time I found myself stuck in a rut without any real purpose, but still desperately trying to find a positive place in the world.

I have always been a big believer in “everything happens for a reason“ and a lady wandered into my life and opened my mind to the possibilities that lay ahead. She helped me find my true passion and invigorated the previously wasted energy into a positive cause.

The stars had aligned perfectly and the Be Real Co and my quest to make plastic free living began in 2019. I have always wanted to make my life and the earth I tread on less toxic, but I never really knew how to achieve this. I took a seat and started sowing with determination and passion which fuelled my desire to help Mother Earth.

I wanted to make sure I considered the entire life of our quality products. I started to create products that would reduce the plastic waste on the planet, be eco friendly and where possible hand made. All our components are ethically sourced and manufactured around the world, to using natural materials that could be composted or recycled.

On our website you will find products that we have handmade or sourced, that will reduce the plastic and toxic waste in your home, just like it has for us.

I love that I have found my passion by creating Be Real Co, which has inspired more people to ‘Be Real’ and jump on board to make a real difference to Mother Earth and push toward a plastic free world.

Thanks again for your support

Love & gratitude Anna Malthouse xx

Founder of Be Real Co. 

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